Sep 11th, 2012
My famwee <3 glittle, little and me
Jul 29th, 2012
Sooo yeah, going to start dating swimmers from now on
Jul 18th, 2012

Yes. Just, yes.
Jul 8th, 2012
She lived by this refrain: “He loves me a little, a lot, madly, passionately, or not at all.” From the get-go, she thinks of love not in terms of black and white, either/or, but in shades of gray; love comes in a whole spectrum of possibilities

Jul 6th, 2012
Jul 5th, 2012

Colin Gallagher
Jul 5th, 2012

Apr 22nd, 2012
Apr 21st, 2012
It’s moments like these, with amazing people like this, that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I love my Little
Apr 17th, 2012